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Penguins and Dolphins (Early Years, Key Stage 1)

Our superb classroom welcomes our little ones and key stage 1 children with bright boards, space and interactive multimedia learning.
We have a terrific IT suite and library area too!

Each year group follows a curriculum, which builds on the skills and learning from previous years and enables every child to fulfill their potential. We often use themes for learning to build a creative curriculum, which helps to make learning inside and outside the classroom fun and engaging.

We regularly visit Canham Woods for ‘Wellie Wednesday’, which gives the children the opportunity to learn outside the classroom whilst having fun.

‘Eddie the Elephant’ is our class toy who gets to go home with a child each week. He will come in a bag with his overnight rucksack and a book you can write or draw in about the exciting time he has had. Eddie is then bought back to school the following week and the class listen to his adventures in show and tell.
Reception children (Penguins) are taught alongside the Dolphins but have their own areas within the classroom, a small group room and a lovely outside area which includes a large sandpit and water wall. This area also has a gate which allows the children to use the field and outdoor classroom for their learning too.

We use the Jolly Phonics scheme with the reception children, the following link has information, songs and games the children can play at home.